Drunk On Sleep Deprivation

After a cold shower and breakfast of oatmeal, I began meditating. Within the first moment, sleepiness enveloped my body with abundance. I hadn’t felt like this while meditating all year.

Three minutes in, I noticed my eyes staring at a floodlight. I was lost in thought but unable to recall what I was thinking about. On a normal day, the pictures in my mind are as vivid as physical photos. This allows me to replay the mini-movie that my meditation session had been directing.

Unfortunately, today wasn’t a normal day. There was no rewind button. My mind was a blank page.

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Running 2 Miles In Below Zero Wind Chills

As soon as I looked out the window, I jumped out of my seat and changed into my running gear as fast as possible. Snow was rushing down from the sky. With a wind chill of -0.4 degrees, I welcomed the snow.

Two minutes later, the clouds broke with sunshine. This is the nature of lake-effect snow in Southwest Michigan. It didn’t stop me. I laced up, walked outside, asked Siri to start a one-mile run, and then took off.

The pavement was pure ice with a half-inch of fresh snow layered on top. After five minutes of running, the thought of running two miles entered my mind.

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10 Seconds of Meditation

“I don’t have time” is the lamest excuse you can conjure up as a defense for not starting a daily meditation practice. Using this excuse is a sign that you need to start a practice. Now.

All you need is 10 seconds.

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