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March 29, 2020


  • Now: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • March 28: Miami Beach, Florida (maybe)


I started my daily meditation practice in April 2017 but forgot to meditate the day I landed in Belgrade, Serbia. After 2 weeks of not meditating, I started again and haven’t missed a day since. Thanks mostly to David Goggins, James Clear, and Robert Raven Kraft, I randomly started running in March 2019. I’ve run at least one mile daily since July 22, 2019. My yoga practice naturally came into being thanks to my meditation practice.

  • 990 meditation
  • 245 running 1+ miles
  • 224 yoga

Seesawing Mind

I’m doing my best to find peace amidst the chaos of the current coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, March 6, I signed a Memorandum to Enter into a Lease document for an apartment in Miami Beach. One week later I signed the lease.

The timing is, well, there isn’t a word for it. I’ve been eyeing Miami Beach for 18 months. My mind is continuously seesawing. My flight is booked. Do I delay the lease? I’m fortunate to have this option. Do I cancel the lease if possible?

Whether or not I make the move this week is likely to be a game-time decision.

Bookkeeping Work

I’m fortunate to be subcontracting for 17 clients amongst 3 companies. I also have one direct client of my own and am working with my brother on his real estate investing business. At this time, I have no idea if I’ll have more or less work on my plate in one and two months from now.

Everything is unknown.

Mindful Toad

I published a post every Sunday for 12 straight weeks and then skipped March 15. Oops.